Deliverable Reports

WP1: Neural implementation of Bayesian computation
D 1.1
Definition of experimental protocols Download
D 1.2
Bayesian inference and learning in networks of spiking neurons Download
D 1.3
Report on Bayesian inference in single neurons Non public
D 1.4
Common Report with WP3 about hierarchies and loops in biological neural networks -> redefined:

Workshop on "hierarchies and loops"

Not yet due (T+50)
D 1.5
Experimental testing of Bayesian motor control Download
D 1.6
Paper on the direct test of the marginalization rule Download

D 1.7
Rep. on human psychophysics experim. testing Bayes. Percept. and motor control cancelled
D 1.8
Public. about probabilistic approach of extra-classical recept. field effects in vision
D 1.9
Recordings of head direction cells for model validation
Non public
D 1.10
Report on striatal ensemble recordings
Non public
D 1.11
Publication about optimal detection of changes in cortical microcircuits…
D 1.12
Paper submitted on the biochemical implementation of Bayesian inference
Non public
D 1.13
Development of a Bayesian theory of temporal processing in the retina and LGN.
D 1.14
Submitted paper on (2nd) Bayesian model of rat behavior in rule shift task (online EM vs classic EM, Q learning) Download
D 1.15
Submitted paper on comparison of electrophysiological confidence measures with model parameters Not yet due (T48)
D 1.16
Report on Bayesian analyses of head direction cell predictive responses with limited cues
 Not yet due (T48)
WP2: Bayesian model of systems level behavior
D 2.1
Report on Bayesian models of object and motion perception

Non public

D 2.2
Report on tracking and saccade selection models
D 2.3
Bayesian modelling of human homing in large-scale urban environments Not public
D 2.4
Submitted paper on the Bayesian saccade selection model Download
D 2.5
Saccade selection experimental results, comparison with model's predictions Non public
D 2.6
Bayesian modelling of visual cue combination in human path memorization tasks Non public
D 2.7
Demonstration of the retina model coupled with high speed camera Non public
D 2.8
Final report on eye-free MOT: experimental and modelling results Non public
D 2.9
Human path memorization for navigation in the virtual Bayes City experiment
Non public
D 2.10
Submitted paper on Bayesian model of dynamical facial expression recognition
Non public
D 2.11
Submitted paper on amygdala involvement in saccade selection
Non public
D 2.12
Submitted paper on neural correlates of decision making under uncertainty
Non public
D 2.13
Report on exp. paradigms and tools for human studies of visuauditory percept
Non public
D 2.14
Report on navigation FMRI experiments using MAGNAPOLIS
Now D 2.17
D 2.15
Report of the experimental study Bayes City
Now D 2.16
D 2.16
Rep. on the Bayesian modelling and model selection in the Bayes City experiment
Non public
D 2.17
Subm. paper on cogn. strategies during navig. using the MAGNAPOLIS software
Non public
D 2.18
Submitted paper EEG correlates of exploratory decisions
Non public
D 2.19
Bayesian modeling of sensori-motor system: an application to handwriting
Non public
D 2.20
Final report on the Bayesian retina model
Non public
D 2.21
Bayesian models of behavior and EEG signals in decision making under uncertainty
Not yet due
D 2.22
Study of Active Multimodal Perception Strategies
Non public
D 2.23
Report On Human Decision Making In Navigational Tasks
Non public
WP3: Bayesian approach to complex systems
D 3.1
Bayesian approaches to fusion, multi-modality, conflicts, ambiguities …
Non public
D 3.2
The first theory of the contraction analysis of stochastic processes Download
D 3.3
Book on Models public (T36)
D 3.4
Contraction theory for stochastic systems, theory and applications Download
D 3.5
Specific report on model recognition Non public
D 3.6
Specific report on Bayesian pattern matching Non public
D 3.7
Subm.paper on a survey of Bayesian and non-Bayesian techniques for exploration by an autonomous robot
Not yet due
WP4: Interference and learning in complex Bayesian systems
D 4.1
Delivery of the current version ProBT® Bayesian toolbox Non public
D 4.2 Delivery of a book on Bayesian programming Summary
D 4.3
First improved version of the tool box
D 4.4
Delivery of a first graphical interface of the toolbox Download
D 4.5
Delivery of a toolbox with the new algorithms defined in WP4.1 and WP4.2 Non public
D 4.6
Document containing a survey on Graphic. Models and Machine Learning
Non public
D 4.7
Toolbox with new algorithms def. in WP4.1/W4.2 + some algor. studied on D4.6.
Non public
D 4.8
Document on Non Monte Carlo sampling methods
D 4.9
Delivery of the graphical interface of the toolbox including most of the functionalities of the API
Non public
D 4.10
Delivery of the final version of the toolbox together with its documentation.
Non public
WP5: Study of artificial cognitive systems
D 5.1
Data set of Facial Action Unit Non public
D 5.2
Training data set of various human body postures and actions Non public
D 5.3 Report of experimental platforms and the selected Bayesian approach Download
D 5.4 Report on Bayesian approach for navigation in
complex environments
Non public
D 5.5
Report on Bayesian approach for multi-modal environment perception and representation Non public
D 5.6
Report on semantic facial motion tracking Non public
D 5.7
Report on computational human pose recovery in clutter Non public
D 5.8
State of the art on (Artificial) 3D Structure and Motion Multimodal Perception Non public
D 5.9
Report on EEG patterns associated to corrective action Non public
D 5.10
Publication on Sensor-fusion for Pedestrian Detection and Tracking Non public
D 5.11
Publicaton on Facial Expression perception model/studies Non public
D 5.12
Autonomous Navigation in Dynamics Enviroment Download
D 5.13
Experimental protocols for EEG studies of dynamical facial expressions using VR Non public
D 5.14
Demonstrator of Human in the loop Non public
D 5.15
Integrated Multimodal Perception Integrated Platform demo v1.0
Non public
D 5.16
Public. on Bayes. models of multimodal perception of 3D structure and motion
D 5.17
Public. Comput. Laban Movement Analysis based on Vision & 3-D Pos. Estimation
D 5.18
Publication on ‘Bayesian Model for Computational LabanMovement Analysis’
D 5.19
Rep. on Def., Acquisition & Simul. of critical encounters btw. moving observer & obj.
Non public
D 5.20
Public. on Computational Laban Movement Analysis using multi-camera systems
D 5.21
Integrated Multimodal Perception Integrated Platform demo v2.0
Not public
D 5.22
Publication on EEG correlates of anticipatory behavior
D 5.23
Study of multiple feedback modalities for semi-autonomous systems
Non public
D 5.24
Rep. on large scale VR compression for navigation based on human walking…
Non public
D 5.25
Publication on ‘Bayesian visuo-inertial gaze control
D 5.26
Publication on mapping and Sensor Fusion for autonomous navigation
D 5.27
Public. on a facial expression perception study based on closed-loop facial anim.
D 5.28
Report on Bayesian feature integration for dynamic high-level scene understanding
Not yet due
(T 48)
D 5.29
Report on multi-modal analysis and models for closed-loop facial expression perception
Not yet due
(T 48)
D 5.30
Database with DataSets from IMPEP and demo applications (PUBLIC)
D 5.31
Database with DataSets for Laban Movement Analysis  (PUBLIC)
D 5.32
PhD thesis on Laban Movement Analysis
D 5.33
Demo with Laban Movement Analysis using multi-camera systems
Non public
D 5.34
Public. on "Implementation of Active Exploration Using Bayesian Models for Multimodal Perception"
D 5.35
PhD dissertation "Bayesian Cognitive Models for 3D Structure and Motion Perception"
D 5.36
Report on "Exploring the use of reconfigurable dedicated hardware for Bayesian inference."
Non public
D 5.37
Implementation of Human-in-the-loop systems
Non public
D 5.38
PhD thesis on probabilistic Navigation in Dynamic Environment
Not yet due
(T 48)
D 5.39
Publication on Efficient Sensor Self Calibration for Mobile Robot Navigation
Not yet due
(T 48)
WP6: Study of living cognitive systems
D 6.1
Experimental paradigms and VR system for navigation and perception
D 6.2 Robotic Implementation of Gaze Control
and Image Stabilization
Non public
D 6.3
Recordings of head direction cells for model validation Non public
D 6.4
Framework of concept to model navigation in rats and humans Non public
D 6.5
Submitted paper on multimodal perception Non public
D 6.6
Human cognitive strategies of navigation in the Magnapolis experiment Non public
D 6.7
Report on hippocampal and prefrontal recordings Non public
D 6.8
Human path memorization for navigation in the virtual Bayes City experiment public (T30)
WP7: Real world applications
D 7.1 Data set (Laser, camera images) of various test environments Download
D 7.2
Report on potential applications (new partners) and their specifications Non public
D 7.3
Report on driver assistant and 3D mapping applications Non public
D 7.4
Publication Dynamic scene representation for Planning in Driver Assistance public (T36)
D 7.5
Report on object detection in cluttered environments Non public
D 7.6
Cycab simul. & applications of Bayes. Occup.Filt. to tracking mobile obstacles Download

D 7.7
Integration of onboard computer system and flight control system tested Non public
D 7.8
Initial UAV test flights and first data acquisition Non public
D 7.9
Optimization of accuracy of attitude data
D 7.10
Concept of an interactive mission planning with focus on object tracking
now in 7.15
D 7.11
Laser scanner image acquisition of power-line isolators with UAV system
Non public
D 7.12
Report on planning based on dynamic scene representation
Non public
D 7.13
Simplified mission planning for real-world mapping applications
Non public
D 7.14
Mapping of a hover dam with autonomous UAV system
Now D 7.19
D 7.15
Concept of an interactive mission planning with focus on object tracking
Now D 7.22
D 7.16
Report on precise 3D reconstruction of challenging environments
Not yet due (T48)
D 7.17
Publication on urban 3D mapping with dynamic scene analysis
Not yet due
(T 48)
D 7.18
Publication on high-level scene interpretation of urban 3D maps
Not yet due
(T 48)
D 7.19
Surface reconstruction based on UAV laser/IMU/DGPS data
Non public
D 7.20
Accuracy computation and comparison with 3D reference model
Non public
D 7.21
Inflight wireless network data distribution
Non public
D 7.22
Interactive mission planning based on online data processing
Non public
D 7.23
PhD thesis on Efficient 3D Mapping
Not yet due
(T 48)
WP8: Dissemination and Community Integration
D 8.1 Workshop on Bayesian Reasoning (BAC - BIBA) Download
D 8.3
Internal research week Non public
D 8.4
One week training on the utilization of ProBT® for the partners Non public
D 8.6
Workshop on Artificial Cognition at major conference Non public
D 8.7
BACS-EURON Summer School Download
D 8.8
Workshop on Bayesian Models Non public
D 8.9
Report on Activities of Research Discussion Groups cancelled
D 8.10
Workshop on Dynamic faces at the COSYNE conference
D 8.11
CogSys IV event
WP9: Management
D 9.1
Minutes of the Kick-off meeting Non public
D 9.2
Organization of Review Meetings Non public
D 9.3
Organization Meeting of General Assembly Non public

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