Winterschool 2008

BACS Winterschool on Bayesischen Cognition, January 6 - 11, 2008, Chamonix, France.

Animals and artificial systems alike are faced with the problem of making inferences about their environments and choosing appropriate responses based on incomplete, uncertain and noisy data.

Probabilistic models and algorithms are flourishing in both life sciences and information sciences as ways of understanding the behavior of subjects and the neural processing underlying this behavior, and building robots and artificial agents that can function effectively in such circumstances.

The objective of this winter school is to present the latest advances in this subject, specifically addressing the following topics. This winter school is a prolongation of the Bayesian Cognition workshop held in Paris in January 2006 (webpage available at

The school is made of 7 tutorial modules (4 hours long) covering the following topics made by senior researchers in the field:

The winter school is mainly conceived for PhD students in cognitive science and robotics interested by the variety of probabilistic models and techniques used in these fields. Contact Person: Pierre.Bessiere "at"

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